Aspen’s Edge

About this project

General overview:

Aspen’s Edge was built with the landscape in mind. It seamlessly blends into the hillside to “walk softly on the land.” The fusion of Montana Moss Rock, reclaimed siding, timbers, and log stacks create a rustic, old-world charm that Jonathan Foote homes are known for. The frontier stone patios create inviting spaces that provide the perfect place to lean back, relax, and marvel at the breathtaking scenery.

What makes it special

Aspen’s Edge is a special home that combines modern elegance with old-world charm and craftsmanship. The owners felt strongly about building a home that remained true to the classic Jonathan Foote design. The home is comprised of several “pods” and passageways that reflect the region’s homesteading past. Early pioneers would typically build a single cabin and, as their families grew, they built adjoining cabins that were connected by hallways. This inspiration is clear from the exterior of Aspen’s Edge.

Type of building

Timber and stone


Jackson, Wyoming
Jonathan Foote
Interior Designer
Jane Schwab Interiors
Karl Neumann