General Contracting

Our team is dedicated to a proven building process which is the foundation of our work at OSM Construction. We have been shaped by the experiences we have gained during our long history of building unique and timeless homes in the American West. This process, combined with the experience and insight of our skilled workforce of contractors, home builders, and craftspeople, means you are getting a team of professionals with the highest level of construction knowledge to partner with for your custom home build. While this process leads us, our pride in our work guides us to always strive for perfection.



Continuity from pre-construction through the end of a construction project is achieved by involving both the contractor and the design team early on in the process. This builds a cohesive and collaborative team and aligns your project goals for smooth execution. We invite you and your architect to fully utilize our team’s knowledge of materials, building practices, custom techniques, costs, and production schedules.

During this phase, our pre-construction team is an invaluable resource for early predictive pricing, cost information, and design assistance to help achieve your budget goals. They will share pertinent information relevant to your build based on their extensive knowledge of building in the challenging conditions of the Intermountain West.

Working hand-in-hand with you and your design team during pre-construction produces a well-thought-out plan that includes the technical and aesthetic elements that make for a successful build.


A pre-construction schedule must be established early in the process to begin construction when needed. We will help establish and communicate key dates throughout this process. Your custom pre-construction schedule sets the course for moving forward and establishes important dates regarding design decisions, milestones, building permit submittals, and pricing exercises. During the estimating phase of the project, we compile the construction schedule, which sets all dates for the entire project and for timely completion and delivery to you. Along with the construction schedule, we will also produce a cash flow schedule to help with your financial planning.

Site Analysis

Get the most out of your property with our site analysis services. We will work with you and your design team to optimize the views on your property and land usage by reviewing geotechnical reports, advising on building locations and positioning, and positioning of utilities, roads, landscaping, and any other site-specific information.


Having reliable and predictable pricing from the early stages of design allows you to make informed choices and avoid time or budget pitfalls down the road. As your general contractor, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer quantified estimating services from start to finish. Estimating costs begins early in conceptual design and becomes more precise as the design develops, leading to an accurate and complete cost estimate before construction begins.

Should initial or subsequent estimates result in a project cost that is more than you want to spend, we will work with you and the design team to explore alternate means, methods, and engineering options. If desired, we will consider other creative solutions that are collaboratively determined to reduce costs without reducing the overall quality and design intent.

Construction Services

Project Management

We utilize the latest, most reliable construction software to create and monitor our cost accounting, subcontractor & vendor invoicing, materials procurement, quality control, safety policies, risk management, change management, financial tracking and more to give you peace of mind that every aspect of your project is being well-managed. Our project management and accounting software are fully integrated, enabling us to produce real-time cost and schedule information, project updates, and to facilitate seamless coordination at a moment’s need. While our team of craftspeople delivers the highest level of quality, OSM project managers pride themselves on delivering your project within budget and on schedule.

Our communication methods are well-developed and tailored to clients near and far during the building process. Our project management software is a hub for weekly reports, schedules, cost information, change management documentation, photos, submittals, and construction blueprints and drawings. OSM’s team of project managers, site supervisors, and craftspeople welcome the input and ideas of our clients at every step of the project; a collaborative approach to our work delivers the best possible results.

In-House Experts

OSM founder, and legendary architect Jonathan Foote, instilled a high standard for unparalleled craftsmanship that still exists today and is the hallmark of an OSM-built home. While we always self-perform the project management, site supervision, and quality oversight on all of our projects, our experienced and diverse team of craftspeople can also undertake the following work:

  • General carpentry
  • Framing
  • Interior & exterior trim and finish carpentry
  • Log & timber framing
  • Window & door installation
  • Cabinetry design, fabrication & installation
  • Trim and millwork fabrication & installation
  • Custom furniture design & fabrication
  • Custom finishes and patinas
  • Steel fabrication

Whether it be the work of OSM personnel or our qualified subcontractor team, our constant oversight and attention to detail ensure that all elements of your build meet our rigorous standards of quality, craftsmanship, and performance.

Liaison Services

Our services include the ability to attend or assist with reviews, meetings, and submittals required for your home project. Our long-standing relationships with local governmental and jurisdictional entities in the areas where we work position us to act as liaisons between these entities and the design team, especially when designers are out of the area. This includes offering local assistance and expedition of building permits and HOA design submittals.

Building Means & Methods

We strive to stay current and engaged with the latest building means & methods and building science & technology through continuing education and participating in trade events around the United States and further afield. New materials and products are constantly being developed, and we seek to ensure that your build incorporates the most practical of these to guarantee your investment’s durability and longevity.

OSM recognizes that green building is important to many of our clients, and it’s important to us. We are active and engaged in participating in projects that lend themselves to green building technology, including the construction of LEED-certified projects. Some of the ways we employ these building techniques and practices include construction waste management, sorting and recycling, use of ground source heat energy, thermal building envelope optimization, the use of renewable, reclaimed or repurposed materials, and proper orientation of buildings for maximum solar efficiency.


Orientation & Walk-through

Our attention to and care for your home continues even after the job. Once your home is finished, we will provide the back-end support and service that your finely built home deserves.

Our post-construction process begins with an orientation and walk-through of all the building systems to give you and/or your property management firm a complete understanding of your home’s features. We will provide you with a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Manual that includes contact information of all project participants, as-built drawings, equipment manuals, cleaning and maintenance instructions, and other helpful reference materials. We also oversee warranty work and can coordinate, manage and perform preventative maintenance, and regularly scheduled inspections to keep your investment performing for generations to come. Our post-construction teams are available to help you or your caretaker at any time.

Service & Maintenance

The care that is put into your home after the build is important to maintain it for years to come. We can manage the preventive maintenance of your property and work closely with our trade partners to ensure all services are performed as necessary.

During the warranty period, our service and maintenance personnel will systematically update the inventory of your home’s components and conditions with inspections to ensure the home is adjusted and performing as desired.

Ongoing Special Projects

Whether it’s changing interior decor, updating a system, remodeling, adding an addition or a new outbuilding, we are ready and eager to assist you again. Our intimate knowledge and recordkeeping of your property make it easy for us to undertake modifications or changes. Our team looks forward to continuing relationships with our clients for years to come.