General Contracting

The building process is our passion and is the essence of what we do at OSM. This process has been honed over the past thirty years, and the experience gained from our long history of constructing beautiful homes in the mountain environment results in a finely tuned building experience. Employing skilled construction managers with the highest level of construction knowledge combined with the most talented group of craftsmen available results in the creation of the finest custom homes built. OSM has a track record of retaining long-term employees that are committed to being the best in the business. A lofty goal for sure, but one that is our daily mission.

Our team of principals, estimators, project managers and craftsmen all contribute to the effort at different stages of the process. As the project transitions from pre-construction to construction, there is a concerted effort to facilitate a comprehensive handoff from the estimating team to the construction team.  This ensures that all of the critical details of the early design and pricing work are realized once construction starts. Utilizing this proven team approach to the building process greatly increases the probability of a successful project outcome.


OSM’s services are best utilized when brought on board early in the design process, enabling the owner and architect to take full advantage of our knowledge of materials, custom building techniques, costs, and production schedules.  OSM produces projects of the highest quality while maintaining critical budget and schedule demands. We have found that early contractor involvement contributes to the building of a cohesive team, enabling continuity from pre-construction through the end of construction and beyond.

We are often contracted in the beginning stages of a project, many times before pencil is even put to paper by the design team. Our experienced pre-construction teams are an invaluable resource for early pricing exercises, as well as the knowledge they impart from building in the challenging environment of the intermountain west for over thirty years. Working hand in hand with the owner and design team from schematic design through final construction documents produces a plan that is well thought out and inclusive of the technical and aesthetic elements that are essential for a successful build.


OSM will establish and maintain key dates throughout the pre-construction process along with updating the project schedule once construction starts. We often work with the design team to create a pre-construction schedule that establishes key dates for owner decisions, design milestones, building permit submittals, and pricing exercises.


Site Analysis services offered by OSM include reviews of geotechnical reports, advice on building locations and positioning, utilities, roads and landscaping reviews, and any other site-specific input that can help the owner and architect take full advantage of the building site to maximize view and optimize land usage.


Our estimating philosophy is one that strives for consistency and predictability from our earliest estimates through construction document pricing. Having reliable and predictable pricing from the early stages of design allows the owner to make informed choices early in the design process. These early pricing efforts help to avoid the pitfalls of committing cost and time to design efforts for full construction documents only to discover late in the process that the project cannot be built for the desired cost. We believe that the ability to offer predictable full estimating services from start to finish sets us apart from many of our competitors. Should the initial or subsequent estimating efforts result in a project cost that is more than an owner wants to spend, OSM will work with the owner and design team by offering product research, alternate means and methods, and value engineering options. OSM will consider any other creative solutions that are collaboratively determined with the goal of reducing cost, but not reducing the overall quality and design intent. This is a service that is crucial to the process and is often employed at various times in the development of the drawings and pricing efforts.

Construction Services


OSM utilizes the latest construction software to create and monitor our cost accounting, critical path scheduling, subcontractor bidding administration, materials procurement, quality control, labor and cost management, safety policies, daily logs, as-built drawings, and operations & maintenance manuals. The project management and accounting software are fully integrated, enabling us to produce real-time cost and schedule information on a moment’s notice. This is a service that our discerning clients require and expect. We understand that producing and maintaining the highest level of project documentation is essential to the overall risk management of the project, and just as importantly, for the peace of mind that our clients experience because of it.


OSM’s in-house employees perform a wide range of labor, including but not limited to; site supervision and general labor, steel erection, rough and finish carpentry, siding, door and window installation, log and heavy timber construction, along with full millwork & cabinetry production. OSM’s founder, legendary architect Jonathan Foote first instilled the highest standards and a requirement for unparalleled craftsmanship. That exacting standard still exists to this day and is truly the hallmark of an OSM-built home.


Because of our relationships with the various governmental and jurisdictional entities in the areas in which we work, we often act as a liaison between these entities and the design team, particularly when the designers are out of the area. For example, we can offer local assistance and expedition of building permit and HOA design submittals. OSM will attend or assist with any other reviews, meetings, and submittals that are specific to the geographic location of the project.


As the industry is moving towards green building awareness, OSM is active and engaged in participating in projects that lend themselves to green building technology, including the construction of LEED-certified projects. We also strive to employ sound green building techniques on all projects. OSM employs such practices as construction waste management/sorting/recycling, use of ground source heat energy, thermal building envelope analysis/upgrades, proper orientation of buildings for maximum solar gain, and any other smart building practices that are achievable whether the building is specifically intended to be green or not.


Once your home is finished, you can be assured that OSM will provide the back-end support and service that a finely built home deserves. This service starts with an orientation and walk-through of building systems with the homeowner so they have a full understanding of the home’s features and are comfortable with all aspects of living comfortably in their new home. Along with the walk-through, OSM provides a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Manual that includes contact phone numbers of project participants, as-built drawings, equipment manuals, cleaning and maintenance instructions, and any other reference material that could be useful to the homeowner or caretaker. Once in the home, OSM provides regularly scheduled inspections of building systems as well as thorough inspections of the interior and exterior of the house for the purpose of detecting any potential maintenance or corrective issues to be dealt with. OSM prides itself on its aftercare program once the home is finished and its warranty and maintenance team are always available for consultation at any time.

Service & Maintenance

OSM will manage the preventive maintenance of your property by using our internal systems for scheduling, work orders, and job costing. OSM works closely with our trade partners to ensure all services are performed in a coordinated and proficient manner.

During the one-year warranty period, our Service & Maintenance Manager will systematically update the inventory of your home’s components and conditions with our six-month and one-year walk-through inspections. At that point, OSM will identify preventative and ongoing maintenance programs, determine costs, and communicate all information in a timely manner.

The Yard

In addition to our general contracting, OSM also operates a 13-acre production and reclaimed materials sales facility in Belgrade, MT, near Bozeman. Commonly referred to as “The Yard”, this complex maintains an inventory of reclaimed weathered cabins and barns, built from both round and hand-hewn timbers (two-sided and four-sided), as well as reclaimed dimensional materials, floor planking, and other non-traditional building materials.

As a pioneer of building homes with reclaimed lumber, our Purchasing Manager has spent years searching and acquiring reclaimed lumber throughout North America. This has provided OSM with a network of reliable suppliers that allows us to efficiently source hard to find materials for projects that extend throughout Montana, Wyoming, and the Northern Rockies. As part of the building process, you will be invited to participate with the design team and OSM in selecting appropriate log, timbers, and reclaimed materials from our extensive inventory to help customize your project.

The Yard also hosts our cabinet and door production shop, milling facility, kiln, and a specially dedicated log preassembly area. Due to many of our job sites being located in remote areas or on difficult building sites with limited areas for onsite production work, the tented preassembly facility proves an invaluable resource for providing preassembled work to the job sites. Trusses, siding, log bundles, and post and beam packages are all cut and preassembled in our controlled indoor facility, resulting in less waste and the highest quality finished product. Being able to work in a well-lit, heated facility throughout the winter months not only boosts production but the spirits of the crews as well.

OSM’s unique ability to build custom cabinets, built-ins, doors, interior trim and furniture in our cabinet and door shop facility offers our clients a product that is unmatched in quality and consistency. Our cabinet and door shop utilize reclaimed hard and soft woods. We employ old world joinery techniques and classic hardware appropriate to the project’s design and style. All pieces are custom built and designed to integrate perfectly with the architecture of the home. Although we are capable of building for any style of construction, our familiarity with the use of reclaimed materials is where our shop facility really shines.

Besides being an invaluable resource for our own projects, The Yard also acts as an outside sales facility to other contractors and individuals. Because the company has been able to maintain and build upon its reclaimed inventory over the past decades, others in the industry have come to recognize OSM as one of the premier sources of reclaimed materials and antiqued timbers in the region. We actively solicit outside customers and encourage you to contact us with inquiries or stop by The Yard and take a tour of our facilities. Questions or Inquiries? 406.388.0736