The Yard

Located on 13 acres near Bozeman, Montana, The Yard is our reclaimed materials hub. It is home to our milling operation, custom cabinet and millwork shop, framing and timber assembly shop, and finishing and paint shop.

Row after row of reclaimed materials includes hand-hewn timbers, sawn timbers, logs, snow fence, corral board, rafter stock, metal roofing, and hardware. Here we invite you and your design team to select the pieces you want to be used on your project. Our team takes pride in milling and making these old materials into flooring, siding, millwork & trim, cabinets, doors, wall paneling, staircases, railings, furniture, fireplace mantles, and timber frames. The OSM team at The Yard brings these old materials to life, defining the character and beauty of so many OSM projects.

While our team at The Yard has built a reputation for being a leader in the production of reclaimed cabinets, furniture, and doors, we are equally adept and skilled at working with new materials. Whether it be a rustic cabin or a modern home with contemporary styling, our craftspeople and shops have the experience and diverse abilities to execute your design.

If the specific “flavor” of reclaimed wood or metal isn’t in our trove of treasures, then our reclaimed specialists will find it. Our long history in this field has seen us build an extensive network of reclaimed enthusiasts, brokers, and merchants across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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