Lone Mountain Hideaway

About this project

General overview

Nestled among the surrounding mountain peaks of Big Sky, Lone Mountain Hideaway complements this spectacular setting by creating luxuriant spaces for reflection throughout the home. Utilizing stone and OSM-sourced reclaimed lumber, this Montana residence possesses a graceful serenity of texture and light through collaboration.

What makes it special

The family considered three lots to find the perfect location for this home.

Type of building

Rustic yet elegant home with a touch of East Coast aesthetic. The goal was to create a contemporary home that wasn’t completely made of glass and steel.

Other specific details

One of the many unique features of the home is a sculptural waterfall humidifier. The homeowners were concerned about bringing their collection of antiques to Montana’s dry climate, so a water wall was designed to run along all three levels of the home from the bottom of a staircase all the way up to the master bedroom on the top floor.


Big Sky, Montana
JLF Architects
Interior Designer
WRJ Design
Landscape Architect
Verdone Landscape Architects
Audrey Hall

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