About this project

General overview:

Built in 2012-2013, this mountain modern home is beautifully sited to maintain privacy while taking in the extensive views of the Tetons. The exterior of the home is clad in hearty, earthy materials, including board-formed concrete, exposed steel beams and siding, reclaimed pine, and carefully placed windows. The interior is clean and crisp with walnut trim and doors and a combination of concrete and reclaimed oak wood floors with radiant heat throughout.

What makes it special

Butterfly was featured as Mountain Living Magazine’s 2014 Home of the Year. It is a modern take on a traditional log home typical of the West. The home is a study in textures and materials and marries rustic and rugged elements with clean and crisp modern lines and finishes. The choice of materials pays tribute to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Rustic textures and colors represent the rugged terrain surrounding the home. The Butterfly home’s uniquely designed roofline opens to and frames the surrounding views of the mountains and valleys. The winged roof floats above the landscape, but the use of modern materials integrated with earthen tones grounds the home.

The client’s love of Jackson Hole and the outdoors inspired the designers to replace a formal entryway or porch with an outdoor living room. The outdoor fireplace, surrounded by durable custom-built furniture, makes it an inviting space on even the coldest days.

Type of building

Mountain Modern Home

Other specific details

From a constructability standpoint, Butterfly was a budget and schedule-driven project which in part dictated the materials used. OSM & PDG collaborated to select natural materials that accomplished the “look” through an extensive sample and finishes process. An interesting aspect of Butterfly is that the foundational materials, often concealed in most homes, are used as finish materials and exposed almost entirely to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. As opposed to conventional residential construction this home’s entire structural system is composed of structural steel and concrete. Though challenging from a layout standpoint, these elements were instrumental in achieving the soaring overhangs and butterfly roofline the home is known for.


Jackson, Wyoming
Pearson Design Group
Interior Designer
Pearson Design Group
Audrey Hall