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Gabe Williams

Gabe Williams

Yard Operations Manager


The Yard

As a 5th generation Montanan with family roots dating back to 1865, Gabe is an avid traveler who loves to experience the world around him. Starting his career with OSM over 25 years ago as a laborer working in the summers between school years, Gabe found OSM projects to be both inspiring and compelling. He thrived working in remote locations and under extreme conditions, which also satisfied his need to explore the mythical West and its vast landscapes. Specializing in timber-frame and log construction fulfills Gabe’s passion for creativity while pairing it with the finest craftsmanship. This has led him to continually develop more efficient building processes while passing on his knowledge to the next generation. His dedication to guiding and encouraging┬áteam collaboration while keeping individual goals and visions will forever remain the core of what keeps him motivated.

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