Yin-Yang West

About this project

General overview

Nestled in pine trees on Andesite Mountain’s highest 9,000-foot peak, Yin-Yang West’s 9,695-square-foot-home is almost invisible from below. The building’s natural sandstone, reclaimed hewn log structure, and slate roof blend into the landscape with respect for the local terrain.

While building materials were sourced from the American West, the spirit and style of the design are distinctively Asian. The homeowners divide their time between the U.S. and China and desired a harmonious blend of both cultures. Its clean and simple interior includes a piece of Chinese petrified wood and Japanese calligraphy paintings. Windows offer views of a high-altitude spring creek and the towering Lone Peak.

The spirit of Yin-Yang West reflects the personality of its owners, welcomes guests to a special place and blends amicably into the Big Sky country.


Big Sky, Montana
Jonathan Foote
Karl Neumann